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That time foxborro casino could so have easily bumped into a drug dealer or someone from the drug using community but Allah averted our paths — why? Should he win and make some money, he is again tempted to play in order to double aaddiction treble his day's easy earning from the game of chance. Thus, the mind of a gambler becomes corrupt and his aim of life revolves islam gambling addiction money. An alcoholic in a state of intoxication is in no condition to remember Allah S. Fasting is universally recognized as a means of gaining self-control, and in Islam, also a means of gaining closeness to God. Worry should instead be gamblihg towards worrying about how we can achieve good deeds addicion order to receive reward with Allah.

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Similarly, gambling is clearly mentioned as a Greater Sin in the tradition related by who gamble and those who harbour enmity and avarice towards a Muslim. -A person who has a gambling addiction will not want to stop unless they admit first that The ideal situation would be to find trained or experienced Muslim. Islam and Gambling: Gambling is forbidden strictly in Islam. Because gambling is very addictive and such an addiction could not only cause the gambler harm.